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General questions

Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a 30-year-old industrial boiler plant specializing in industrial boilers. Now we are one of the leading industrial boiler manufacturers in China.
Do you have agent/ representative in our country? sell boiler to our country?
I need to check for you, can i know your mail ID, i will mail you after checking.
What is the Warranty for the boilers?
Our steam boiler warranty is one year, During the warranty period, any parts damaged, you can get a new parts for free.
How long should we wait for delivery?
Usually it will take about 30 days for pressured boilers, If you need to change the voltage or pressure, it need more time
Why is insufficient combustion of biomass fuels in boilers
  • 1.The moisture content of biomass fuels used in boilers is too high, and it is difficult to ensure the normal combustion of fuels whose moisture content exceeds 45%.
  • 2.The biomass fuel particles used in boilers are too large, which is not conducive to the combustion reaction.
  • 3.The reaction time of biomass fuel combustion in boilers is not acceptable. The flutter of grate is too large, the interval is too short, and the combustion time is too short.
  • 4.The ash content of biomass fuels used in boilers is too high. Coke particles are wrapped in ash, which makes the combustion rate slow.
  • 5.Boiler uses too much biomass fuel to feed, and the burden layer on grate is too thick, which will also slow the combustion rate.
  • 6.Abnormal events occurred in biomass boilers.
  • 7.Boiler operators can not understand the nature of biomass fuels used in boilers, and can not grasp the combustion and distribution of fuel in the furnace in time. The combustion rules will not be adjusted by useful methods according to the combustion conditions.
  • Why is Soft Water Needed for Steam Boiler?
  • 1) Heating surface of the water tube is over heated, and then brings about the factor of water damage.
  • 2) The heating transfer is prevented, and then brings about the low boiler efficiency.
  • 3) The flow area of the water tube is decreased, and then brings about bad circulation.
  • What Are The Advantages of Low Nitrogen Gas Fired Boiler?
  • 1. Boiler structure is scientific and effective to improve thermal efficiency.
  • 2. Condensation technology to reduce harmful emissions
  • 3. Easy installation and simple maintenance
  • How to Improve Gas Boiler Efficiency?
    1. Air Preheaters Air preheaters recover waste heat from flue gas and then use it to preheat combustion air. There are two main types of preheaters: recuperators and regenerators. A recuperator system is installed in a gas boiler stack and transfers heat from outgoing gas to incoming air. A regenerator, on the other hand, includes heat storage sections that transfer heat from flue gas to combustion air. 2.Replacement gas fired boiler burners At a certain point, it makes sense to replace or retrofit them. Whatever type of gas boiler you have or fuel you burn, there are many burner options to consider when contemplating a replacement. If you aren’t in a position to opt for new gas boiler burners, retrofits can provide significant savings at a fraction of the cost. 3. Economizers Much like preheaters, gas fired boiler economizers take waste heat and transfer it to a gas boiler’s feedwater, rather than combustion air. Preheated water is obviously closer to the temperature needed to produce steam, so this saves energy when the preheated feedwater enters the steam drum or furnace. Economizers also offer the added benefit of reducing the chance of thermal shock by minimizing water temperature fluctuations.

    Technological issues

    How To Lower Industrial Boiler Electricity Consumption?
    the control temperature hot water boilers run at night: sleep at night, we do not need a high heating temperature can be appropriate to reduce the heating temperature by adjusting the radiator thermostatic valves can freely adjust the temperature of the room, we can the deputy bedroom, storage room, etc. not frequented room temperature thermostatic radiator valves to reduce, so you can also save operating costs of heating period.
    How Many Square Meters of Natural Gas are Needed for 10 Ton Boiler
  • 1. 10 ton WNS gas boiler: rated steam pressure 0.7-1.6 mpa, rated steam temperature 170-204℃, feed water temperature 104℃, natural gas boiler size 6290*2640*3178 mm;
  • 2. 10 tons SZS gas saturated boiler: rated steam pressure 1.25 mpa, rated steam temperature 194℃, feed water temperature 104℃, natural gas boiler size 7200*3280*3307 mm;
  • 3. 10 tons of SZS gas superheated steam boiler: rated steam pressure 1.25 mpa, rated steam temperature 350℃, feed water temperature 104℃, natural gas boiler size 7200*3280*3307, maximum transport weight 29 tons.
  • Boiler Price

    40 Ton Gas Fired Boiler Price
    We know that the cost of each boiler is made by the technical nature of the structure design, the lean production and the good quality of the later maintenance. The absolute ratio is the material, and the special equipment material through strict quality inspection. It can be said that the boiler price is basically determined by the weight of the boiler. The greater the rated evaporation and rated thermal power, the heavier the boiler, the greater the consumption of steel, and the higher the boiler price. However, the boiler price and boiler tonnage are not equal ratio increase, but are determined by the scientific design structure of the boiler. Even, in many cases, the tonnage of the boiler increases and the boiler consumables need to double. This is due to the limitation of many furnace types, which makes it necessary to optimize the design of the larger tonnage furnace and increase the safety and stability of the boiler.
    4 Ton Liquefied Petroleum Gas Boiler Price Quotation
    About 4 ton LPG boiler price quotation, it depends on specific requirements, such as rated pressure, steam temperature, etc. In addition, the auxiliaries are also crucial, which not only influence the final operating efficiency, but also take account of a big proportion of the whole boiler price. Usually the main auxiliaries include burner, economizer, water treatment device, valves and instruments, superheater, deaerator, air preheater, etc.
    How Much Fuel Cost of 25 Tons Gas Boiler Per Hour?
    This involves the gas consumption of 25 tons gas boiler, the rated evaporation capacity of the boiler is 25 tons per hour, the thermal efficiency is about 93.2%, the calorific value of natural gas is 35.438MJ/nm3, the radiation heating area is 30.2m2, the convection heating area is 187.4 square meters, economizer heating area is 126.86 square meters. If the boiler is running at full capacity, fuel consumption is 1875m3/h.

    Boiler Consumption

    How to Calculate 10 Ton Boiler Gas Consumption ?
    Taking a 10 ton natural gas boiler as an example, the calorific value of natural gas is calculated according to the standard calorific value of 8600 kcal. The rated evaporation capacity of the boiler is 10 tons per hour, the calorific value of natural gas is 35.438 MJ/Nm3, and the boiler efficiency is calculated at 95%. The gas consumption per hour of the 10 ton boiler: 7 MW*3600s/35.53 MJ/Nm3/95%=746 m3/h.
    What is the utilization ratio of natural gas boilers ?
    Natural gas boiler utilization efficiency and gas boiler emissions are closely related, of course, regardless of the design of the boiler or burner, must comply with natural gas boiler emission standards. Through environmental testing, the measured data of ZBG low nitrogen gas boiler nitrogen oxide emissions is 26.53mg / m³, lower than the national most stringent emission standards.

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